Fixed Gear Bike


Fixed gear bike refers to a type of bicycle whose sprocket is directly right onto the hub and, as such, there is no freewheel mechanism, meaning you cannot coast. A rider is said to coast when they stop pedaling yet the back hub still spins. When riding fixed gear your feet are continually pedaling for as long as you are riding. Consequently, when you pedal forward, it moves forward; backward, it moves back. So, why would someone make such a bicycle? Read on for answers to this question, and many other important details about the bike.

Why are fixed gear bikes popular?

The bikes are substantially lighter than conventional, all-terrain bikes. Besides, the bikes deliver exceptional maneuverability. Riding fixed makes you feel attached your bike because the pedals are, directly, tied to the bike’s movement, unlike if you were riding the standard bike. Mechanical efficiency is also at its peak thanks to the direct power right from the rider to the wheels and the absence of dead spot in the stroke.

The bikes are fascinating to ride

The uniqueness and elegant simplicity of fixed gear bikes, both in operation and appearance, make the bikes exciting to ride. The bikes require minimal maintenance; they have significantly fewer parts, which further translate to low weight. They do not need shifters, double-or-triple chaining or derailleurs. Some people even go a step higher and do away with brakes. Without brakes, a rider can stop the bicycle by skid-stopping resisting, gradually, the pedals. Safety is, however, paramount; if you are trying out the bikes for the first time, make sure the brakes are in place.

The bikes are ideal for exercise

Riding fixed bikes encourages you to pedal more efficiently since you must spin continuously and while riding downhill, you have to drive even faster. You, therefore, do not waste mental energy fiddling with gear shifting mechanism. The bikes are good for exercise since you have to remain active all the time, on a flat road, downhill or uphill. They provide an excellent way to improve your pedaling skills. Besides, when going downhill, you have to spin very fast, and as such, the bike encourages you to cultivate the right riding techniques to avoid bouncing all over the place.

What factors should you consider when buying?

Since they have a single gear, you need to exercise extra caution so as to get the bike that most suits you. Consider, carefully, factors such as how fast you pedal, where you mostly enjoy riding your bike (whether on a flat road, a hilly terrain, or both) and factor in your fitness level, if you are an active rider, settle for a high gear. Before buying, request for an opportunity to test-ride the bike, and find out if indeed it ideal for your needs, terrain and fitness.


Fixed gear bikes are fun to ride, provide unparalleled simplicity and outstanding efficiency. The fact you constantly spin the bike even when riding downhill means the bikes are ideal for exercise. The bikes also have excellent maneuverability. Take your pedaling techniques to the next level by trying out these exceptional bikes.