Lavender Hair Ideas That You Will Love

It’s always exciting to have a new hair color. It allows you to let your personality shine. But if you’re getting bored with the usual brown or black hair, then maybe it’s time for you to try out something new and more exciting. One of the most Instagram-worthy hair colors right now are lavender hair styles!

If you want to get started on your lavender hair journey, you’re in the right place. Here are some of the best hair ideas that you should try.

Short Pastel Colored Hair

Those who have short hair shouldn’t worry about having a lavender hair. This pastel shade of lavender with hints of grey and silver tones is going to make your hair goals come true. The blend of these shades will make people stare and jealous of your new hair!

Lavender Ombre

Those who want to have an ombre-styled hair should try out this lavender hair idea. It has a dark shade at the top and a lighter shade from the middle down to the bottom part of the hair. This kind of hairstyle shows your adventurous and exciting side. Add a little bit of curls, and you’ll have the most amazing lavender hair in town!

Blue and Lavender Hair

Ever thought of having the perfect mermaid hair? Well this is your chance to get that look! Instead of having only one lavender or violet color, mix it with some blue shades to make your hair look like something straight from a dream. Once you get your hair colored, it would really look good with different kinds of braided hair styles because the colors will standout.

Silver And Lavender

Can’t decide between silver and lavender? Then why not have them both?!

Here is a mesmerizing lavender hair idea that you can try if you’re torn between getting silver or lavender locks. Unlike the previous hair idea, this one has the lavender shade at the bottom of your hair. It’s perfect for those who just want a hint of lavender but more silver tones.

If you’re thinking of changing your look and having a bolder hair color, lavender hair won’t disappoint you. You will easily stand out from the crowd! However, you have to make sure that you’re using the best lavender hair dye brand so that your hair will have the best color-quality. Getting the best brands can also assure you that your hair is not receiving harsh chemicals that can damage it.